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Do you have muscle mass? No? Then try to train legs – hard! Squats. It sounds strange, does not it? Of course, you have to train the legs correctly to gain weight and build a balanced figure. However, you will be surprised at the number of people practicing, but perform very few sit-ups or do not do any work at all on their feet. Buy Clomid.

It is striking and the fact that many of those who still trains the legs, make the same mistake of focusing on the extensions and leg curls, leg press and on similar exercises. They avoid such rapid weight are building exercises like deadlifts and squats, probably because they are heavy. Indeed, squats or deadlifts are able to bring you to the nausea, legal Clomid, but the fact is that at least one of these exercises are a must if you want to build great legs in a short time. Plus, they provide you an overall muscle growth. Today I want to introduce you to two specialized programs for the legs, so you start.

Squats with 20 repetitions of barbell

Many years ago, this training program has been very popular among serious bodybuilders trainees who want to quickly build size. In addition, police forced their coaches often athletes perform vysokopovtornye squats to transform them from boys into men. Several years ago, a similar program has been re-popularized Strossenom Randall (Randall J. Strossen) in his excellent book “Super Squats”. This is the essence of the program. Buy Clomid online.

At the bar, set the weight with which you can perform squats in good shape in ten repetitions, preferably in a power rack. Before each repetition make three deep breaths and then lower yourself into a deep squat. (Yes, No deep partial repetitions of sit-ups or parallel to the floor -. Of course, if your knees in your order), Clomid order.

This manner of breathing allows you to perform more than ten repetitions. If you stay on the fourteenth or fifteenth – no problem. Just work and more with this weight until you reach twenty. You will become stronger with almost every workout. After reaching 20 reps, increase the weight by 5 kg and start again. Take care of pilot training partner and / or a strong power rack Clomid effects. Train on an empty stomach, otherwise you will be able to see you on the floor recently eaten meal. It is best to take food for two hours before your workout. Buy Clomifene Citrate.